Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Trick-or-Treating is not so safe anymore

Trick-or-treating has been a long-lived tradition on Halloween. Kids go door-to-door in different neighborhoods to collect candy. When this tradition first started, the parents would...

Women should receive equality

Today’s society demoralizes and deters women in most of their endeavors. In the past, women were treated like property. A woman’s job opportunities were...

America’s morals keep changing

Over the past few decades, America has seen the come and go of various trends, and with these trends, our morals have been changing...

Do violent video games cause violence?

Over the past three decades, the video game industry has grown from its humble roots to become one of the biggest contributors to the...

Social Media causes more harm than good

Over the years, social media has blossomed. It has given people a gateway to the entire world, but is this a good thing? While...

Abandoning animals is still abuse

Open facebook and you'll probably find a plea, asking people for help with abandoned animals found left by the road or in the woods....

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