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A second view on the Super Bowl Halftime Show

 The Super Bowl LIII halftime show was a hit among viewers. During the performance,  the audience began a chant that involved the infamous “Spongebob Squarepants.” The pop band Maroon 5 were the headline act for the intermission.

The halftime show featured a scene from an episode where the entire world of Bikini Bottom was competing in a marching band competition. As the scene progress, the animated characters played their instruments when suddenly chaos struck and Travis Scott’s song “Sicko Mode” plays, sending viewers to Twitter to instantly give their reactions.

Another Twitter trend happened during halftime when Adam Levine took off his shirt, showcasing his masculinity and stirring an out pour of memes from viewers via Twitter. The Super Bowl Halftime Show was only shenanigans that spark some Twitter comedy, but hey, who wants to watch the Patriots win. AGAIN.

by Eric Sheppard

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