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Black Ops 4 coming to game systems

Premiering first on the PlayStation 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has widened the Grand Heist
update so that players on the Xbox One and PC can now take part in the update that adds not
only new maps and weapons, but also a completely new character. This update has shown
that Activision is willing to listen to their community, as they have changed their system of
earning “Reserve Cases” in-game to be far more kind to players than it had been previously.

The Grand Heist update firstly brings back “Sparrow,” the well-known specialist that
fired explosive arrows from her bow, who can be used in both normal multiplayer and Blackout
modes. There has also been the addition of “Ghost Town,” an area of the Blackout map inspired
by both the Outlaw map and the “Buried” map from Black Ops II. This, combined with the two
additional maps included for Black Ops pass owners, as well as the new weapons added,
including the Carnage fully-automatic shotgun and the Cha-Ching money bag melee weapon,
will mean that players will have many exciting new experiences in Black Ops 4.

by Harrison Walley

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