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Bridgerton, Ginny and Georgia prove to be bingeworthy shows

Americans have a love for binge-watching television shows. It’s easy to watch episode after episode of a favorite TV show before realizing that four or five hours have passed.

Lately, Americans have turned to streaming services such as Netflix to get their television fix for the day, week or month. Netflix has released a few shows that people cannot stop watching. One of them is “Bridgerton.”

 “Bridgerton” is set during the Regency Era in England, where eight family members try to find “love.”

Currently, the first season is centered around a single couple, Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynvor) and Simon Bassett (played by Rege-Jean Page). The two love birds “burn” for each other as their love story plays out on the screen. 

Daphne is a shy but sly girl who wants nothing more than to marry the Duke, Simon. After their courtship begins and the two get married, they begin to have a passionate relationship–one which Netflix hypes up. While some may find it graphic, many enjoy watching the Duke and Duchess’ intense relationship. Those watching this series should consider that it is for mature audiences and is not suitable for children. Viewers will be dazzled by the elegant costumes, flirtatious language and passion of the Duke and Duchess. 

Another Netflix show that has been in the hot seat is “Ginny and Georgia”–a show that showcases the life of a troubled single mother and her two children. After moving to a picture-perfect town in New England, the family does not know what to expect. 

The main character, Ginny Miller (played by Antonia Gentry), is used to being the new kid at school, but this time, she instantly stands out. Ginny faces many stereotypical challenges that African-Americans face every day–such as questions about her hair, heritage and intellect. Ginny stands up for herself and is a great example of how an African-American woman should carry herself in certain situations.

Georgia Miller (played by Brianne Howey) is a single mother who wants what is best for her children. In the beginning, viewers will think that Georgia Miller is a sweet, charming, innocent single mother who is just trying to make it on her own, but later in the show, her ulterior motives are revealed. Georgia is trying to create a new life for her children, but not without a few bumps in the road. 

Viewers will enjoy the tumultuous backstory of the characters and figuring out the characters’ true natures. This show is also for mature audiences and is not recommended for children. It has scenes that depict self-harm, domestic violence, racism, bullying and adult language. Nonetheless, it has captivated many Americans’ hearts because it depicts a family who is struggling, just like any ordinary family.

by Kyra Lampley

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