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“Dead by Daylight” attacks with a new edition

With Halloween having passed close to three months ago, many would believe that the time of horror stories had come to a close. There are some stories, however, that don’t want to end. The game, “Dead by Daylight,” was published by “Starbreeze Studios.”

Since the game’s release in June of 2016, eight additional killers have joined the original three that came with the game. Several have been unique additions to the series, though a number have been homages to popular horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and most recently, the Saw series.

For those players that are fans of the Saw series, and even those that are not, Amanda Young, better known as “The Pig” in-game, is the newest killer to stalk the nightmarish fields of the game. The Pig is a somewhat stealth-orientated killer who has already proven to be a unique addition to the game. Those who feel brave enough to play her mad game had best take heed. Escaping may mean survival, but there is no prize for second place.


by Harrison Walley

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