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Disney’s ‘Star vs The Forces of Evil’ to end with season four

While most this year will be mourning the end of the hit drama “Game of Thrones,” some will be mourning the end of the whimsical “Star vs The Forces of Evil,” one of the most cherished animated shows on the air right now.

Created by Daron Nefcy, the show follows a young princess of another dimension called Mewni as she embarks on a journey to learn how to use her magical powers from a wand that has been passed down through the queens of Mewni. The princess, known as Star Butterfly, is sent to earth as a foreign exchange student to practice her magic in a safer environment. There she meets Marco Diaz. The two become instant best friends and go on constant adventures together. The two run into the occasional villain such as the persistent Ludo or the diabolical Toffee, but it’s nothing the two can’t handle.

The show has created a loyal fan base, and it is not hard to see why. The animation for the show is so simple and clean that it is reminiscent of other great animated shows such as “Steven Universe” or “Gravity Falls.” The show also offers stellar voice acting from Eden Sher, who played Sue Heck from “The Middle,” who voices Star Butterfly, the main character. Alan Tudyk, who has had a role in every animated Disney movie since “Wreck-It Ralph,” brings his immense voice acting talent to not one but two characters in the show, Ludo and King Butterfly. Another selling point of the show is how good the plot is. The plot keeps viewers invested with each episode, and, with great humor mixed in every now and then, the story offers surprising plot twists and deep lore for viewers to fall in love with.

While “Star vs The Forces of Evil” season four begins in March of this year, season four will, unfortunately, be the beginning of the end for the show. However, this may be a good thing. While the show is a precious and rare animated show, it is best for a show to know its ending and wrap up a story. Some shows suffer from not knowing when to end and will stretch the show out for as long as possible. It is better for a show to know its end than to keep it going. A great example would be “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” which ended after only three seasons, but the show is considered one of if not the best-animated television shows of all time and is praised by many.

“Star vs The Forces of Evil,” season four premieres March 10 on Disney Channel XD. Disney has another hit animated show under their belt to go with the big hitters such as “Kim Possible” or “Gravity Falls.” Viewers will get to see the bittersweet end of Star Butterfly’s adventure, and, yes, it will more than likely get a little weird and a little wild, but that’s what one can expect when one is from another dimension.

by Davis Hicks

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