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Experience zombies in “World War Z”

The video game adaptation of the book “World War Z” that goes by the same name is
one that has provided players with a truly rare experience. Thousands of zombies are thrown at
players throughout every level of the game’s co-op campaign, many of which are hurled at the
survivors in set defense sections. The feeling of seeing such a large amount of the undead quite
literally climbing atop one another in order to climb over any obstacle before them is as awe-
inspiring as it was seeing the infected climbing the massive walls around Jerusalem in the movie.

As they are fighting back the immense hordes in areas ranging from New York City to
Moscow, Russia and Japan, the players are able to select from among a number of
specialized classes that are either better equipped at healing injured teammates or blasting apart
throngs of infected. Admittedly, the scenarios that players can go through is a bit limited right
now, but with word of additional levels and more content on the way, World War Z is looking to
be a very successful and unique addition to the zombie genre.

by Harrison Walley


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