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‘F is for Family’ new season premieres on Netflix

Season three of “F is for Family” arrived on Netflix Nov. 30. “F is for Family” is an animated comedy  that takes viewers back to a much simpler time, the 1970s.  

The laughter is nonstop as viewers watch a “typical” American family face ups and downs in their day-to-day lives. The plot is inspired by the childhood of Bill Burr, co-creator, executive producer, and voice of Frank Murphy. The characters are stereotypical and include Vietnam war veteran, Frank; stay-at-home mom Sue; rebel teenage son, Kevin; the middle kid, Bill; and bratty princess Maureen.   

The comedy is wild because of the time frame. Some might be offended, but viewers have to be aware that the ’70s were a time of political incorrectness, careless parenting and very limited women’s rights. This show is a perfect fit for anyone with an open mind or offensive humor. 

by Aiden Rayner


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