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Fans will be running to the movies for the next “Maze Runner”

Coming this January 26, producers of the famous book and movie series “Maze Runner” will finally have the final saga in theaters. Based on the novel series written by James Dashner, screenwriter T.S. Nowlin and director Wes Ball have worked to make the final movie of the series.

The first movie, “The Maze Runner,” was released into theaters in 2014. The next year, the second movie, “The Scorch Trails” was released. It has been a two-year wait for the final saga, “The Death Cure.”

According to Deadline.com, the reason for such a long wait on the last movie was because the production was postponed to give actor Dylan O’Brien, who plays main character Thomas, more time to recover after an accident¬†on set on May 17. It is said that O’Brien fractured his cheekbone or orbital socket after a stunt act went bad. Fox pushed the release date for the movie from February 17, 2017, to January 12, 2018. The crew had gone their separate¬†ways after a second postponement but eventually came back together in order to move forward with the movie.

O’Brien’s character leads his group of Gladers on their final journey to save their friends and uncover the mystery of WCKD. Other actors include Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who plays Newt (and is known for his performance in “Love Actually”); Kaya Scodelario, who plays Teresa; and Patricia Clarkson, who plays Ava Paige.

The Maze runner’s final movie, “The Death Cure,” comes to theaters January 26, 2018. It is expected to patch up past troubles the characters have had and answer many untold questions.

by Olivia Ward

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