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Florence and the Machine are back

The indie rock band Florence and the Machine released two new singles titled “Moderation” and “Haunted House” on Jan. 24. The two songs were released as a B-side to the previous album from 2018 titled “High as Hope.”

“Moderation” is a fast, upbeat tune. The lyrics of the chorus derive from vocalist Florence Welch’s childhood.  She was scolded in church for not holding in her emotions during a play.

The song is an anthem about not submitting to turmoil or pain after bottling up a person’s emotions, while saying that she cannot love this mystery guy in moderation because she is all in when it comes to the topic of love.

“Haunted House” has a more heart-wrenching vibe to it. In the content of the song, Welch is comparing her heart to a haunted house. She sings about her heart being with creatures that are active at night and frightening during the day.  Welch compares this feeling to love, in the sense that it is fun until one is hit with regret.

Welch pours pure emotion into her songs using her powerful vocals. If a person is searching for something to dance to, cry to or anything in between then Florence and the Machine have it.

by Aiden Rayner

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