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Homegrown Musician: Stacey Sistrunk

Stacey Sistrunk, a local from Mize, MS, began music at an early age.  At three years old, she was singing in church belting out any hymns that she could remember.  When she was seven, she began to play the piano like her grandmother did when Sistrunk was younger.  Sistrunk’s grandmother played by ear, and she taught her granddaughter how to play whenever she could.  The first time her mother heard Sistrunk play was when she decided to try playing a piano piece from Born Free.

“That was when she knew that I had the same talent as my grandmother, being able to play by ear, and when I began piano lessons,” said Sistrunk.

Sistrunk, who said her inspiration is her grandmother, first started her music journey at JCJC under Mildred Valentine before going to William Carey to be taught by Katherine Harney.  Today Sistrunk continues her journey as a composer and a voice instructor for the local youth in her area.  She is a big follower of Christian music and likes artists like Steffany Gretzinger and Kim Walker-Smith.  As she moves forward on her journey, Sistrunk always keeps God in her heart as her biggest inspiration and continues to praise Him in her music.

“God has given me a song in a way in every trial that I have faced,” said Sistrunk.

Be it through the Lord’s scriptures or through a melody that flows from her piano keys, Sistrunk feels the Lord is leading her on the path He has set for her.  Communication and praise are ways that she keeps God in her life and her music.

 Much like how she started, Sistrunk advises others to keep God in their hearts and prayers.  She said, “Look to God to lead you through the path that He has set for you.”

Sistrunk said for each struggle she has, God gives her a song to help ease the pain and in turn, she gives Him praise through that song.  Sistrunk is continuing her journey in music with the Lord by her side and uses her music, like her song Lord Your Kingdom Comes to lift Him higher.  For now, listeners can find Sistrunk’s music on live worship services, like the Praise team at Church Alive and other opportunities for service, until she puts the songs online.

by Loren Jones

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