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Jones College hosts video games tournaments

From August 24 until September 3, Jones College hosted a Call of Duty tournament for students. This event was sponsored through intramurals, headed by Brooks Buffington, head tennis coach at Jones. This was a 2v2 league where teams would battle it out best of three on Call of Duty. Each team was allowed to pick out a map, and if a game would go to the third round each team would agree on what map to play.

The teams that participated in this event were The Mandalorians, Five Star, SweetTartRopes, Mgang, Foxtrot, and Cloud 9. The first game was between The Mandalorians and Mgang with The Mandalorians coming out on top 2-0. This event was dominated by Five Star as they won every match in this event ending with a record of 4-0. The Mandalorians came in second place ending with a score of 2-1. SweetTartRopes and Mgang both placed third with the same score.

The team captains selected the matches played by challenging the other team’s captain. Once an opponent was selected, the teams would talk in a group chat and agree on a time to play the match. The game modes allowed were Gun Games and Gun Games Blueprints. Gun Games is where each team receives the same randomly generated weapons and utility. Gun Games Blueprints is similar but instead each weapon will have random attachments.

Sophomore Lane Douglas was a member of SweetTartRopes in the tournament.

“My favorite part was just getting to challenge people from the same school as me,” Douglas said. “My least favorite part was that we didn’t get to play longer.”

The registration dates and games for the next upcoming tournaments are Rocket League from September 13 – September 25 on all platforms, Madden 2k20 from September 28 – October 9 on PS4 and Xbox, Super Smash Brothers lasting from October 12 – October 23 and FIFA from October 25 – November 6 on PS4 and Xbox One.

If students are interested in competing in any of these events, they can sign up on the Imleagues app or website. The deadlines to sign up for these events are typically halfway through the season and can also be found on Imleagues. Students can email Brooks Buffington for any questions at

by Daniel Windham

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