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K-pop impacts fans with message

A new music genre called K-pop has begun to rise. K-pop originated in South Korea and is influenced by styles and genres from around the world.  Fans believe K-pop is a cross-cultural experience with a large impact on their lives.  

One major influence on K-pop is music in the west, like in America, mostly consisting of songs about dating, money or becoming famous (or all three in one).  The musicians also prefer music from other places like Korea; even though the songs are in a different language most of the songs contain English phrases. Since most students in Asia are required to learn English, K-pop artists frequently mix English words in their songs that appeal to fans throughout Asia and those in the American part of the world.  

Just as American singers have a huge impact on their fans, K-pop groups (or soloists) have begun to impact the world in a significant way.  One reason for this is how K-pop artists mix messages into their songs.  They may take an experience like not thinking they are enough, but find someone who does think they are enough and make it into a song that expresses those emotions (BTS- “Love Myself”).

Two groups with a large impact on the world are BTS and BLACKPINK, who have both taken the world by storm recently.  BLACKPINK is a girl group that has skyrocketed since its debut in both music and fashion.  They show that even the girls can stand at the top in a world dominated by mostly males. Much like their female counterparts, BTS has soared in popularity since its debut. 

BTS is a seven-member boy group with a global impact on the world that has spread from one generation to the next.  They show that no matter what is stacked in one’s path, greatness can be achieved as long as some people believe that the goal can be reached.  BTS is an example of this, as they have earned many achievements since their debut.

Many have an opinion as to what K-pop is, but to fans, K-pop was and is a way for them to escape from the conformities of society and be themselves.  K-pop has begun to influence the world in different ways, from fashion to how music could be made in the future.  Only time will tell just how far that influence will reach.

by Loren Jones

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