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Meyer’s ‘Midnight Sun’ continues saga

Stephanie Meyer captured the hearts of millions with the mysterious love story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the first four books in her Twilight trilogy. Finally, readers can have an inside look into the mind of Edward Cullen.

The captivating tale from Edward’s perspective takes an interesting turn. Meeting Bella Swan is both the best and worst event that he has experienced in all of his vampire years. As we learn more about Edward’s complicated existence, we understand why this is a difficult time in his life. Being with Bella is the best thing that has ever happened to him, but putting her in danger is also the most haunting thought that circles within Edward’s mind. He ignores his thirst for human blood despite the constant itch in his throat because he loves Bella and would do anything to keep her alive. 

Meyer’s novel not only is amazing on its own, but there are many helpful themes that are included such as sacrifice, trust, love, and battling of one’s own thoughts. This book can be read for entertainment, but readers can also gain something from reading it. 

As stated by Edward, “Did I love her? I did not think so. Not yet. Alice’s glimpses of that future had stayed with me, though, and I could see how easy it would be to fall into loving Bella. It would be exactly like falling: effortless.” 

His love for Bella Swan was inevitable—but he did not want to ruin her life by ending the relationship. 

“I would not destroy Bella’s future. If I was destined to love her, then wasn’t avoiding her the very least I could do?” he asked.

Readers definitely will not be disappointed by Meyer’s newest addition to the Twilight trilogy.

by Kyra Lampley

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