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“Miss Americana”– Swift Tells All

Ever wonder what it was like for Taylor Swift growing up in the public eye? On Jan. 23, Swift released a documentary titled “Miss Americana” on Netflix.

The documentary, while spotlighting her musical talents and archives, focuses on Swift’s rise to fame. It gives insight to what Swift goes through behind-the-scenes, good and bad.

In the biographic Swift touches on everything from real-life hardships including eating disorders and sexual assault to current political issues including the LGBTQ+ community and equal rights.

Swift discusses the struggles of constantly being on display and the repercussions. Although a daily battle, Swift fights to keep herself happy and healthy.

One of the many struggles she’s had with fame is body image. Swift explains what it’s like to continuously be degraded for the way she looks by the media.

She talks about her fall down a dark path that eventually led to an eating disorder. Swift’s disorder was fueled by the need to be praised for doing good and the acknowledgment that she would be punished for doing bad.

Eventually, Swift comes to the realization that living for other’s approval in any facet of her life is not healthy.

“It is better to think you look fat than to look sick,” Swift said.

Eating disorders are not the only issues she touches on in “Miss Americana.” The “Lover” artist describes what it’s like to be expected to be perfect without being able to express her opinions.

After years of battling with her management and the fears of being “the next Dixie Chicks,” Swift decided to voice her opinion on Marsha Blackburn who was running for Senator of Tennessee.

Swift received plenty of backlash, but she finally felt free. The registered number of voters in Tennessee spiked proving to Swift that she did something right.

Ever since, Swift has been vocal on several different occasions on her political beliefs especially LGBTQ+ equality. She wants to prove to the world that there is no right or wrong way to be a woman in politics.

“I want to wear pink and tell you how I feel about politics,” Swift said.

Swift’s documentary perfectly encapsulates her highs and lows with the music industry and the person she has become because of them. “Miss Americana,” under the groundbreaking direction of Lana Wilson, proves to be an incredible telling of Taylor Swift’s pursuit to be a world-renowned artist.

by Heidi Boot

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