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Movie review: The Eternals

On Nov. 5, Marvel came out with a new movie, The Eternals. The film is based on a Marvel comic book created by Jack Kirby and Martin A. Burnstein about a group of superheroes from Olympia sent to Earth to protect humanity. The movie was directed by critically-acclaimed filmmaker Chloe Zhao, and Ryan and Kaz Firpo wrote the screenplay for the movie along with Patrick Burleigh. Ramin Djawadi provided music.

The budget for the movie was $200 million, but the movie only made $71.3 million in the United States and $175.5 million worldwide. The score on Rotten Tomatoes was only 47%, while the audience score was 80%, with 5,000+ verified ratings to back it up. Overall, the film has mixed reviews, with some critics and moviegoers loving the plot and humor throughout the film, while others did not.

The movie stars prominent names like Gemma Chan, Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and other A-listers. This is the first time the Eternals have been featured in the MCU.

An important plot point seen throughout the film is the relationship between Ikaris and Sersi. This plays into the plot of the movie by showing how two characters are completely different in their beliefs and still love each other.

Another key factor of the movie is the villain. Throughout the film, the Eternals thought the villain was the creatures called the deviants. They soon discovered more villains than they realized, forcing them to make tough choices. The Eternals has its own spin, with the heroes acting like a dysfunctional family, but it still has the action that makes it a true Marvel movie.

by Erin Fairchild

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