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New modifications to XCOM2

The “XCOM’ series of strategy and turn-based games is one that has lasted more than three decades, with the original entry into the series releasing in 1994. From the original “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” all the way to “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen,” the player has been tasked with leading humanity against a never-ending armada of alien invaders. With the newest addition to the series, an add-on to XCOM 2 known as the “Tactical Legacy Pack,” players are given a proper send-off to the series with an homage to the series that, until December 3, will be free to anyone that owns the “War of the Chosen” expansion.

Making use of remastered versions of fan-favorite locations from “XCOM: Enemy Within,” this new addition to the series gives players an insight into the events that took place between XCOM’s fall and the events of “XCOM 2.” Told by the players’ advisor, Central Officer Bradford, the various missions are akin to war stories. In addition to featuring a remastered soundtrack based on tracks from both “XCOM Enemy Unknown” and the original game that started it all, the “Tactical Legacy Pack” is a love letter to the fans that have stuck with this series for the more than 30 years that players have been fighting off aliens.

by Harrison Walley


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