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New series “Them” provides 1950s life with a hint of supernatural

The new Amazon series Them, created by Little Marvin and executively produced by Lena Waithe, is considered an anthology, recognizing the terrors in America’s society. The newly-acquainted series could not have come at a better time, showing the realism of racism in today’s society and that of the olden days. The series taps on the heartstrings of its viewers and may have many feeling outraged and disgusted at some of the images portrayed in the episodes. 

The episodes in the first season series are roughly centered around the Emory family. The Emory’s were an African American family that moved from rural North Carolina to the suburbs of East Compton, California, in the mid-1950s. The time frame of their move is associated with the notorious start of the civil rights movement. The suburban neighborhood they relocated to could be deemed as a virtually all-white neighborhood. The move brought not only racism to light, but it also came with the presence of malevolent forces on the move to destroy each family member within the Emory household. 

The show stars Deborah Ayorinde as Lucky, Ashley Thomas as Henry, alongside daughters Shahadi Wright Joseph as Ruby Lee and Melody Hurd as Gracie Jean. There is also the racist ringleader Betty, portrayed by actress Alison Pill. 

Betty aids in organizing a plan to rid “their” neighborhood of the newly moved-in family, wreaking havoc throughout the town. Not to give spoilers away, but this series will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Be sure to check this one out. 

by Ashanti Brown

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