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“Resident Evil” makes a new release

The “Resident Evil” series is one that has been in the world for close to a quarter century, with the first game debuting in March of 1996. While later entries in both the video game series and the movies would lose a large portion of their fear factor, the newest entries in the former have set about returning the series to its horror roots, with “Resident Evil 7” being greatly received.  With that said, there is much expected from the soon-to-debut remastered version of “Resident Evil 2.”

Releasing on Jan. 25 of this year, fans have already had a chance to see what the game has to offer thanks to the “One-Shot” demo that players could go through once.  The demo concluded after all of the objectives were completed, or 30 minutes had passed. Even with this small window into the game, those with a keen eye have been able to see numerous homages to the original installment and a number of hidden secrets.

Once again, players will be stepping into the streets of Raccoon City and maneuvering through the darkened halls of the Raccoon City Police Department. Stay alert, keep a weapon close at hand, and you may just escape the city alive.

by Harrison Walley

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