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Squid Games popular worldwide

The popular series on Netflix, Squid Game, has risen in the rankings, and many viewers have taken an interest.

Approximately 500 poverty-stricken players enter a game to have one final winner earn an allotted amount of cash. Little did these players know that the games would be the same childhood games played when they were younger, and elimination from the games means elimination from life as well. 

After these horrendous incidents occurred, most of the chosen people voted to end the game; however, the few who wanted to stay chose to return and continue with the killing spree till one player prevailed. After each death of a character, the hovering piggy bank-that holds the cash prize- adds more money per person’s death. The goal of the game is to survive but also to eliminate the other players. 

After his divorce, the main character Gi-hun struggles to survive these cruel games so that he can use the money to get his daughter back. With a terrible gambling addiction, it seemed almost too good of a deal to join the game since he was oblivious to the consequences.

 The debt-ridden people fight for their lives within these childlike games so that once the lone winner returns to the outside world, they and their family can have a better life.

According to multiple websites, the South Korean show has 111 million viewers globally. Netflix labeled squid Games as the biggest ever series at launch with 100 million subscribers. With its popularity still rising, there are many videos of people recreating the treats or games for home entertainment.

by Abby Doiron

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