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The Division game updates to keep fan base

“The Division,” which initially released in March 2016, is facing an issue that all games will eventually be forced to confront: maintaining an active fan base. The matter of keeping players interested and coming back each day is even more important to Ubisoft, The Division’s developers, as they have a direct sequel to the game set to come out in March next year. So, how has Ubisoft decided to combat this issue?  They aim to keep people playing “The Division” until its sequel’s release through the Shield System.

Initially releasing four, with another eight set to release on a monthly basis, the Shields are unique challenges set before the players, often aimed at getting them to explore the different add-ons for the game. Upon completion of each Shield, the players will be rewarded with a unique patch to equip on their characters, as well as a cache containing high-level, hard-to-acquire equipment, making the whole system a remarkably slow, but efficient way to acquire better gear.

by Harrison Walley


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