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The entertainment industry is at a standstill

In a world of COVID-19, pretty much everything is at a standstill, including the entertainment industry. Movie theaters are shutting down, freelancers are without income, and people are losing hope of getting their big break. Even Broadway suspended all shows, and many concert tours are moved to next year. Everything from Madison Square Garden to Disney World is closed. With such an unprecedented halt in the entertainment industry, there are many people who are asking what is next.

Leslie Thomas, for example, is an aspiring TV producer and film director who is so close to her Hollywood dreams. Her film directorial debut was due to premiere at the Pasadena Film Festival in early March. This dream came to a sudden halt when the mayor ordered a shelter-in-place order and all cinemas were to be closed.

“I feel like there is such a great loss of momentum just everything coming to a screeching halt and affecting everyone who works in this industry – you know, from the people who would build the sets of the stages to the people who do makeup to the people who cater to the actors and just to everyone. It’s just a screeching halt to an entire industry,” Thomas said in an interview with the Associated Press.

Thomas is not the only one with unfortunate circumstances due to the virus. Steven Mason is a celebrity hairstylist. For someone whose job requires him to touch people, social distancing has not been the best for business. Mason has no bookings, source of income or way to pay bills other than what little savings he has built up.

Mason told the Associated Press, “Until then, (I’ll) take it easy and get things done that have been waiting a long time.”

These are just a few stories in the entertainment industry due to COVID-19. There are other people who are still trying to figure out where their next paycheck will come from. With everything shut down, this is a scary time for many entertainment industry employees. However, they are doing their part to help flatten the curve by taking social distancing seriously. It is on us to help do the same.

by Braxton Wallis

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