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‘The French Dispatch’ releases new official trailer

The trailer for Wes Anderson’s new film “The French Dispatch” was released Feb. 12 and is now available for viewing online. “The French Dispatch,” following the release of “Isle of Dogs” in March of 2018, is set to be Anderson’s 14th film.

The film is set in a fictitious French city and follows a newspaper’s attempt to chronicle the previous decade’s three most interesting stories. The first story follows an artist, known as the most creative man of his generation, who finds himself serving time in jail. The second story is about a group of students who manage to overthrow the government. Lastly, the final story follows the kidnapping of a child and the famous chef who solves the case.

The film is set to star Bill Murray, Benicio del Toro, Tilda Swinton and many other A-list actors. “The French Dispatch” is releasing in theaters July 24.

by Hayden Graves

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