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The Walking Dead returns

The Walking Dead season nine premiered Sunday night. Notably, longtime cast member Andrew Lincoln, who plays the beloved character known as Rick Grimes, will be leaving the show to pursue other career ventures. He left an emotional farewell during the show’s open panel at Comic-Con stating, “It’s a very emotional and rough night for me. This has been the most extraordinary experience of my career….”

The show is progressing after its most depressing season. Although the show has high ratings, the reviews have been negative due to difficulty with the plot of the show being different from the comic book of the same name. Fans have put their thoughts about the show on various social media platforms and it is commonly negative responses. The fans also disagree on how the network AMC is pushing the show to new limits with a plan of their own.

AMC plans for a ten year expansion for The Walking Dead series. They want to put out more television shows based on the series and even movies. The CEO of AMC, Josh Sapan, wants this for the network because of the money making brand. He’s not wrong because it is clearly the highest selling show on the network, and it generally brings in new fans to watch the show. AMC’s plan of expansion of The Walking Dead would be one that any fan would like to see. It may just push the show to new limits.

The Walking Dead season nine should be the series that everyone is going to be talking about. It will take time for fans to get used to Andrew Lincoln leaving the show, but hopefully new show runner Angela Kang will help with character development and make the show as big as it is now. The fans of this show expect good writing material , amazing characters and a new storyline that will leave fans speechless for the season finale. Fans can only hope this show will live on without Rick Grimes.

by Eric Sheppard 

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