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The “XCOM” game series is worth the play

Since its debut back in March of 1994, the “XCOM” series of games has tasked the player with defending the world from an alien invasion and from space or Earth’s own oceans in “Terror from the Deep.” It has never been the easiest series of games to play, as the computer-controlled aliens that the player’s squadron of soldiers is pitted against are far from push-overs. The most recent update to the “XCOM” series, “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen” takes matters to a whole new level.

“War of the Chosen” is an expansion for “XCOM 2” that overhauls several features of the game. It adds in new types of enemies, ranging from the zombie-like Lost that roam abandoned cities in unimaginable numbers, the flamethrower-wielding Purifiers, the almost ghost-like Spectres that can create a ghostly version of your soldiers to fight for it, as well as others. It also adds in the titular “Chosen.”

The Chosen are recurring adversaries that the player will face several times. When killed on a normal mission, the Chosen merely comes back on another mission. The only way to put one of these creatures down for good is to work with the different factions to track down the Chosen’s stronghold and have one final battle against them. The combat will be fierce, but the rewards for taking down a Chosen for good are more than worth it.

by Harrison Walley

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