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Twenty One Pilots’ new album is for everyone

Before receiving many awards and topping billboard charts, musical duo Twenty One Pilots started out playing shows in a basement in Columbus, Ohio. This now well-known band runs on the principle that anyone anywhere can do anything. 

On Oct. 5, 2018 Twenty One Pilots released their fifth studio album titled “Trench.” The band defies all genres, even though they typically fall under the alternative genre.  

The sounds of their music change from song to song. For instance, in their new hit “Levitate,” vocalist Tyler Joseph raps to heavy back beats produced primarily by drummer, Josh Dun. While in other tunes like “The Hype,” the drum beats are more mellow, mixed with ukulele and piano melodies played by Joseph.  

The music they create helps the listeners bond with the artists. The lyrical content touches topics of depression and anxiety which makes their songs more relatable to the listeners. Twenty One Pilots is a unique band that anybody could listen to and feel like they are not alone in the world.   

by Aiden Rayner

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