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Why Devs should be watched immediately

The new FX techno-thriller drama “Devs, which premiered on March 5, is a miniseries focused on a mid-twenties software engineer named Lily who works for a revolutionary tech company called Amaya.

Lily suspects danger after the apparent suicide of her boyfriend Sergei, who also works at Amaya and has just been promoted to work in the top secret development division known as Devs. After some investigating, she realizes that the CEO of Amaya and Devs is connected and soon discovers the truth while uncovering a technology-based conspiracy that has the potential to evolve Silicon Valley and the rest of the world in a dark way.

“Devs” strongly focuses on the beliefs of free will and determinism. The eight-episode series, which can be streamed on Hulu, stars Sonoya Mizuno, Nick Offerman, Cailee Spaeny, Karl Glusman and Alison Pill.

Alex Garland, who is responsible for movies such as “Ex-Machina,” “Annihilation,” “28 Days Later” and the “Resident Evil” series, is the creator, director and producer of “Devs.”

by Tori Ellis 


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