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Abbie Williamson takes on freshman year with ease

Last week marked the beginning of a new chapter for many students on Jones College campus. Freshmen were welcomed with open arms as they started their new lives as a college student. Jones College has an ever-growing campus with changes coming every semester. With the new changes of class times, even teachers had difficulty adjusting. Freshman Abbie Williamson found that her first day on campus was overwhelming at first, but she was fortunately able to become familiar with the location of her classes. 


“As I started my first day, I was so nervous about everything, but afterwards, I felt at ease and ready for the next day. I didn’t have trouble getting to my classes because there were signs in each building with directions,” Williamson said. 


 The greatest thing that a college student can do as a freshman is to get as involved as possible on campus. Getting involved has so much potential in bringing students closer and allowing them to encounter new perspectives. Williamson is a proud clarinet player of the Maroon Typhoon. 


One of the most pressing issues that a freshman has to deal with is the transition from high school into college, whether going to a junior college or a university. For many, college means completely starting over in making friends and getting used to a new atmosphere entirely. Change can be a hard thing to adjust to, but Williamson took well to the many differences.


“Honestly, college can’t be compared to high school. College has given me so much freedom and makes me feel so independent. In high school, I felt trapped and was never able to truly grow up. I wasn’t given the opportunity to make my own decisions,” Williamson said. “Also, there are more opportunities to get involved at Jones College than high school, which has brought me closer to so many people.” 


While college life can be a challenge, Jones College makes adjusting really simple and encourages students to reach out if they ever need assistance. Thursday, Sept. 12 at 5 p.m., Jones College will have a freshman convocation to further welcome freshmen as Bobcats. Sophomores are encouraged to join in on the festivities. With such a confident beginning, any student like Williamson is sure to survive freshman year with ease. 

by Michael Blanks


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