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Alumnus talks life after Jones

As the spring semester comes to a close, our students are set to graduate and move on to their next path in life. Whether they choose to go to another university or go into work, every student that leaves Jones College is a part of a long lasting history that will remain forever in their hearts. 

 Mason Morgan is a junior at the University of Mississippi and alumnus of Jones College. He attended Jones College in 2017 after graduating from South Jones High School. Two years later, Morgan graduated from Jones College and transferred to the University of Mississippi. Morgan is currently attending Ole Miss for his Bachelor of Arts in Biology. 

“Ole Miss has a certain level of anonimity and you never really see the same people. I can walk into the same building and never see the same people again,” Morgan said. “There are also a vast majority of classes you can take with specified regions of study. I can take something more specific in several different areas and there are many more languages offered.”

Being a student focused heavily on academics, Morgan notes that much of his favorite memories from attending Jones College were with his teachers and peers. 

“I really enjoyed being a part of Eric Shows’ honors science program.  I wish I could have another teacher like him,” Morgan said.  “It was also nice to have all of my friends from high school going to the same college with me.” 

Making the change from a junior college that is near one’s home to a university over 200 miles away is a massive change for a student. Morgan had difficulty adjusting to the university atmosphere but found comfort in friendship.

“Living in the dorm was definitely a culture shock when I first got there. As I progressed, I got more and more comfortable with living on campus,” Morgan said. “ I advise students to make new friends and get involved in campus but most importantly, make genuine friends. Having to leave the core friends that you’ve been around your whole life is hard and making genuine connections definitely helps.”

Morgan remains the same stellar student he was when he was a part of Jones College, and he serves as a proper example of what being an alumnus of Jones College entails.

by Michael Blanks 

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