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Blueberry bushes are turned into a learning experience

One of Jones’ best-kept secrets is its beautiful blueberry bushes located by the lake. Dr. Melinda Butler, botany and biology teacher, is over the growing and planting of the blueberry bushes. Michael Bradshaw, who is over campus operations and is the assistant to the president, is assisting with a special project for the blueberry bushes.

“Dr. Butler is using the project as a teaching moment, as we work she explains the different varieties of blueberries and how to properly prune and care for the bushes,” said Bradshaw.

This is a volunteer project that students can be involved in. They will be assisting in cleaning out debris and years of underbrush growth that has collected underneath the blueberry bushes. It will be a great opportunity for students to get volunteer hours and to learn about the maintenance of blueberry bushes.

by Jennah Eddins

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