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Burge plays roles in several movies

While many people know sophomore Emma Burge is a drum major for the Maroon Typhoon band, it may be a surprise to find out she is also an actress.

“When I was eleven, there was a casting call in Jackson, Mississippi,” said Burge. “I showed up for it. I didn’t know what it was for, but I just went, and I never dreamed of being an actor before. I always thought my whole life that I would be a singer and entertainer–that’s it. But I was like, I will try it out, so I went, and I didn’t get that role, but the casting director wanted me to read for another role that was in the movie. I ended up being cast for that one for the cast of ‘The Sound and the Fury’ by William Faulkner.” 

For her career, Burge plans to pursue acting, singing, filmmaking, cinematography, music production, and “everything entertainment.” She said her dream is to be on a television show that lasts for several seasons. “That’s my dream, but being in movies is also such a rewarding thing to be a part of,” she said.

Her father is Ben Burge, the Maroon Typhoon band director. 

“Emma juggles a busy schedule very well,” her dad said. “She has been able to meet academic and co-curricular demands in college while completing auditions and working. Throughout her school years, Emma has always been busy with dance or band or theatre. I believe the years of training and performances across the arts as a student prepared her for college life and acting. Emma is very organized, and she takes a lot of pride in being timely. As an actress, Emma auditions as often as she is given the opportunity. As a student, she identifies priorities and works towards her goals. I’m very proud of her. Her mother, brother, and myself are all cheering her on! Emma understands the importance of dedication and hard work. She makes us very proud. I believe Emma is going to accomplish great things.”

Burge filmed a movie in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the summer of 2021. 

“The movie that I did back in August is called ‘Putting Love to the Test’,” Burge said. “And it is about these two teachers that end up falling in love, but it is like, is it going to work out? Is she in love with someone else? Is he lying to her about something? And basically these two students, my character and another character, we basically set our teachers up with a dating app, and we try to get them to date.” 

Burge said the movie can be seen on Hallmark sometime soon.  She describes her character, a high school student named Ariella, in the movie. “She knows what she wants,” Burge said. “She is very serious about what she is taking on. She is trying to set up her teachers that she loves very much. She wants to be the one who is the matchmaker, so she is kinda secretive with her friend Dylan, and they try to set them up. She’s a go-getter.” 

An interesting fact about “Putting Love to the Test” is that Burge got to work alongside Dale Moss, who was on season 16 of The Bachelorette. Moss was cast as one of the teachers in the movie. 

“Dale is a very sweet guy,” She said. “He’s very bubbly and outgoing. He was really great to work with. Moss even bought some of us lunch one day while on set.”

After graduating from Jones, Burge plans on attending the Nashville Film Institute where she hopes to receive her diploma in filmmaking and cinematography.

To keep up with Burge’s acting career and life, her Instagram is: @emmafrancesburge 

Burge’s complete filmography is available on IMDb.

by Olivia Norwood

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