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Discipline and Determination

What it Takes to be Successful

Having discipline and dedication to a sport is essential. One player who follows
this principle is Lauren Carothers, a freshman defender for the Lady Bobcats’ soccer
Carothers has played soccer for 12 years. She started out playing recreational
club ball at age six. Her father was her soccer coach from age six to twelve.
“He has had a big role in shaping me into the person and player I am today,”
Carothers said.
In addition to Carothers dad, her club coach Chris Handy was highly influential in
her soccer abilities.
“Coach Handy pushed me to be the best version of myself as a player. He was
very encouraging and persistent in making sure I got to play soccer at the collegiate
level,” she said.
Out of her 12 years of experience, nine years were spent playing club soccer.
Carothers believes this played a vital role in her potential to play at the collegiate level.
During the last four years of playing with her club team, “I played in intense
leagues and played extremely talented teams from all across the country,” she said.
With that experience, Carothers learned more than she ever thought possible.
“This level of play taught me a lot about soccer, and it taught me a lot about
myself as a player,” she said.
Soccer holds players accountable for their actions and creates discipline on and
off the field, she explained.

“Playing soccer has made me a very disciplined and motivated person,” she said.
“I take school very seriously, and I work super hard to make sure I’m doing my
best in all my work. I know that I’m expected to do well in the classroom, just like in
soccer and that keeps me on track,” said Carothers.
She said that soccer has taught her how to persevere whenever things get tough
in life and on the field, in actuality injuries often test discipline and determination.
“I’ve been injured a lot, and each injury brings a different physical and mental
battle to the table. Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated in the long strenuous
recovery process,” she said.
However, Carothers said that the best parts of soccer are the challenges that
await around every corner.
“Soccer pushes me to be my best every day no matter the circumstance, and
that’s what makes the sport fun,” she said.
High school soccer, compared to college soccer, brings out a whole new
meaning to the game. She discussed how high school soccer preparation was
completely different than in college.
“The conditioning was not as intense in high school. The demand for me as a
person and player was not nearly as much as it is now,” Carothers said.
According to Carothers, college soccer is much more intense and it means more
than what it did in high school. The best of the best are now playing at this level, and to
be successful requires much more effort than it did in high school.
“Each game means more, and everyone has the same mindset of winning and
being great,” said Carothers.

Likewise, preparation is the key to being successful in each game.
“It’s super important that I am prepared for each game, mentally and physically.
Before every game, I say a little prayer and that gets me ready mentally, knowing that
God is going to be watching over me, my teammates, my coaches and the game itself.
To prepare myself physically, I eat a light meal before every game so that I have the
nutrients in me to do my best,” she said.
Carothers plays center back and midfielder on the Jones team. Carothers is one
of the girls that are on the last line of defense before the goalkeeper.
“I’d say my biggest role on the team is to bring high energy at all times,” she said.
“I keep a positive attitude and high spirits in the good times and also when times
aren’t the greatest,” she said.
Head coach, Delores Deasley, speaks highly of Carothers and her talents.
“Lauren is a great player and is an even better person. She leads on and off the
field and is a fantastic teammate. She is always positive and fully committed,” Deasley
Though Carothers is unsure of where she will go in the future, she would like to
continue her athletic career and hopefully become a Physician Assistant.
College soccer is very challenging, but it is also quite fun. According to
Carothers, soccer has been very rewarding for her.
“Coming to Jones to play college soccer is the best decision I’ve ever made, I
love it so much,” said Carothers.

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