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Get a taste of home at the Pearl Diner

As a college student, campus cuisine can get tiring to eat. Students begin to crave home-cooked food, and what better place to find it than the Pearl Diner. The Pearl Diner is a blue-plate restaurant with a menu that changes daily. They serve home-cooked food such as mac n’ cheese, fried chicken, corn bread and peach cobbler.

As of right now, they are still training, but will open for limited lunch hours until their grand opening, which has not been announced yet. It is located in historic downtown Laurel across from Lee’s Coffee on N. Magnolia Street. Eating at places like Pearl Diner is a great way to support local business and get a taste of home-style cooking. Find news and information for Pearl Diner on Instagram or Facebook @eatatpearls.

by Megan Brewer  

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