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Hammonds shares reasons why he served in the Marines

Some people at Jones College may know Luke Hammonds as the Director of Human Resources, but what they may not know is Hammonds is also a former Marine.

“….respect for authority, teamwork, leadership, starting early and finishing strong” are some of the lessons Hammonds learned while being a Marine. Even though Hammonds was not able to attend college until he was 24, he was able to obtain a Pre-Business degree from Jones, a Bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in finance from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master’s Degree in Human Capital Development from the University Southern Mississippi, and he is currently enrolled at University of Mississippi so that he can earn a Doctoral Degree in Education which focuses on higher education leadership. He stated that his wife likes to call him a “perpetual student.”

Hammonds also said that being in the military was a tradition in his family. He said that his grandfathers on both sides of his family, all five of his maternal uncles and his paternal uncle were all in the military. Hammonds also said the traditions that each branch of the military holds was a major factor in his decision to join the Marines. 

Hammonds said he loved being in the military because, “The military lifestyle teaches you discipline, follow-through, and teamwork. That type of training is invaluable to a successful career and life.”

by Bryce Dupree

Hammonds when he served in the Marines.

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