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Jones College hosts band clinic for high school students

On Friday, Feb. 7,  Jones College’s revered band, the Maroon Typhoon, hosted one of many band clinics in which high school band students came to the Fine Arts Building and competed for the opportunity to place into four different bands. Students from both JC and the other high schools in attendance enjoyed getting to spend their day delving into music and helping one another grow. Although the chance to earn a place in one of the bands was motivating, the students spent a daunting amount of time learning music.

 South Jones High School senior Sarah Adams had the opportunity to bring her own talents into fruition at the band clinic. While she admits that it was certainly no cake walk, she still was able to take a few lessons with her from the experience.

“It is a long process that helps you come out with a better knowledge of music and shows you what your strengths and weaknesses really are,” Adams said. “Anyone can put on a concert in months, but not everyone can handle putting together a concert in 10 hours.”

 Although competing, the high school students  were honored to have the chance just to play alongside their peers and with other schools as well. The ever growing Fine Arts Department has been steadily embracing the artistry of music, and with the ongoing of these band clinics, high school students are sure to learn this same appreciation. 

by Michael Blanks

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