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Jones students hopped to their Easter plans

Students at Jones College recently celebrated Easter with their friends and families as well as shared many traditions this past weekend. Many students attended church, shared meals, or participated in unique traditions with their family members.

Hayli Pearce, a freshman, said, “My whole family went camping and just fellowshipped with one another.”

Various students spent Sunday at church which was then followed by lunch with their families. Many took part in traditions such as Easter egg hunts and dyeing eggs with their younger family members.

“My family always gets together to eat. After that, all the older kids go to the backyard to hide the eggs while the younger kids search for them later,” said freshman, Tyler Shoemake.

Many families woke up to gift baskets from the Easter bunny and then later enjoyed the treats after lunch. Family Easter traditions are common especially in the South and are enjoyed by people of all ages, especially Jones students.

“My family loves spending time with each other for Easter. We’re all so busy throughout the year, so it’s great to slow down and get together,” said Victoria Barrett, a sophomore.

by Meghan Fuller

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