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Jones Yearbook Staff completes the yearbook

After countless hours of working and meeting deadlines, Jones College’s yearbook staff, the Lair, has finally completed the 2019 edition of the yearbook. This year’s theme of the yearbook is “Vision,” wherein the overall message is to achieve a brighter future for Jones students through realizing visions into reality. In previous years, the yearbook has placed first in many different categories such as copy, design and photography. This standard has definitely been preserved through all the hard work that has been put into this year’s yearbook.

Copy Editor Caroline Smith has been part of the Lair for two years and spends much of her time with the staff writers looking over all of the compelling stories throughout the book and making sure all text has been edited correctly.

“It’s very rewarding to finally have the yearbook completed,” Smith said. “We’re excited for everyone to see all of our hard work.” 

The release date for the yearbook is yet to be set, but it is expected to be available for pick up some time in April. If you are interested in joining the yearbook staff, email kelly.atwood@jcjc.edu.

by Michael Blanks 

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