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Keys is in the Jones’ Choir spotlight

Lacoby Keys, freshman at Jones College, is enjoying his very first semester in the Jones’ College Concert Choir.

“I feel like I have found my home in concert choir and I love the people surrounding me,” said Keys.

The anticipated Christmas concert is quickly approaching, and Keys said that he is elated to be involved in the show. The Christmas concert will be Dec. 2 and Dec. 3 at First Baptist Church of Laurel. Keys joined choir to further his musical ability and vocal range, enjoy the feeling of a close group, and experience new things such as trips and performances.

Keys enjoys the rehearsal, calling them useful and beneficial. Keys said that Joel Dunlap, JC choral director, is helpful throughout the practices and makes techniques easy to learn for his students. Dunlap always informs his students when practices are well ahead of time so students are able to work out their schedule without complications.

by Madilyn Poolson

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