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Make carving pumpkins a fall tradition

Looking for a fun fall activity? Try pumpkin carving. This is a favorite of the many autumn traditions. Carving pumpkins is also very inexpensive.

First, cut off the crown of the pumpkin and scoop out the pulp. Then cut out the eyes and mouth. Many dollar stores have pumpkin carving stencils for those who are unsure of what they would like their pumpkin to look like. For those who like to just “wing-it,” they can use any pumpkin carving tool. Light the pumpkin with a tea candle and place the crown back on top.

Pumpkin carving is a fun family activity that can be done inside or outside. The best part is when the pumpkin is finished and it can be used a décor for the home whether it’s spooky, funny, silly or happy jack o’ lanterns.

by Py’Necious Cowart

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