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Mr. and Mrs. JCJC elections to be held

“The students who earn the title of Mr. and Mrs JCJC are the students who best represent the student body that year,” said Sonya Dykes, head of Student Government.

Requirements include being enrolled for a minimum of 15 semester hours, having no grades lower than a C, maintaining a 2.0 GPA or higher and attending JCJC at least one semester prior to the election, with the exception of the JCJC freshman class favorites.

Applications are already due for this year’s election, but for any freshman that plans to attend JCJC as a sophomore, he or she can apply to become Mr. or Mrs. JCJC by going to the myJones page and selecting the ‘election application’ box in the top right corner of the page. To campaign, students can hang flyers and posters on permitted areas that are listed in the application. Students may wear merchandise and advertise by handing out badges, stickers or materials promoting his or her campaign.

Once elections are decided, students are responsible for cleaning up any advertisements they have posted, and there is a $25 fine for each day signs are left hanging. If merchandise or advertisements are left 5 days after the campaign, disciplinary actions will be taken. The Radionion wishes this year’s candidates the best of luck.

by Kory Green


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