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Past, Present and Future

Lindsey's Ideals as an Athlete

Every person’s past, present, and future are part of what makes them who they
are. For Lauren Lindsey, softball is a part of who she is. She has been devoted to
softball throughout her life.
Lindsey has played softball since the age of seven. By the age of nine, she
began playing travel softball.
Travel ball is immensely rewarding. It allows players to grow into talented and
well-rounded athletes.
“Travel ball allowed me to be seen by coaches, meet new people, and taught me
that being out of my comfort zone is not always bad,” said Lindsey.
Looking back through her past at the years spent playing travel ball, Lindsey
cherishes all the memories she made.
“I’ve had some of the best experiences and traveled many amazing places
playing travel ball,” she said.
Lindsey’s past was heavily enriched by softball. Her softball experience helped
her discover who she was.
Not only did she play travel ball growing up, but she also played high school
softball for Baker High School in Mobile, Alabama. Baker was where she continued to
make wonderful memories with girls that she had played with her whole life.
Lindsey started on the varsity team all four years of high school. “I started varsity
freshman year as a third baseman and a middle-of-the-lineup hitter,” she said.
“In high school, I was able to play for the Alabama North vs. South game. I was
all county multiple times and won numerous awards within the team,” said Lindsey.

At present, Lindsey emphasizes that Jones has had a profound influence on her
softball career and her personal life to an extent that she could not be any more grateful
for it. “Jones is where I’ve really become the woman I am today,” said Lindsey.
Lindsey explained that she has had many opportunities in different situations that
have allowed her to become a better person due to her experience.
Throughout her softball journey, she has had an amazing support system to help
guide her as well.
“I’ve met people here who have only the best intentions for me and who support
me,” said Lindsey.
Aside from her support system at Jones, Lindsey has many more cheering her
on from her hometown.
“The good Lord and my family are my biggest influences and supporters. Without
them, I would be nothing. There are not enough words in this world to express my
gratitude for them,” said Lindsey.
Lindsey accredited all her past coaches and present coaches for pushing her to
be the best that she could be as a player and a person.
“I would like to say a special thank you to our coaching staff here at Jones.
Coach Robinson, Coach Dew, Coach Conrad, and Coach Herrington have all made
such a huge impact on my life,” said Lindsey.
When she did not believe in herself as much as she should, each of her coaches
did. “I came in an intimidated freshman, but they took me in and allowed me to grow into
the person and player I am today,” said Lindsey.

Seemingly, on a day-to-day basis, Lindsey lives for academics and softball.
College softball is a lifestyle.
She stated that all the plans made for each day pertain to how they will affect
your performance on the field. To beat the overwhelming anxiety Lindsey plans her
days out accordingly.
Lindsey is an outstanding hitter for the Bobcats. During her freshman year, she
had a .447 batting average with 20 home runs and 73 runs batted in. As a sophomore,
Lindsey led the team batting average of .423 with 17 home runs and 63 runs batted in.
For two years in a row, she was one of the nation’s top hitters. Lindsey was awarded
many accolades in both seasons for the Bobcats.
When asked how about her hitting approach Lindsey’s response was to work
hard every day.
“Even when you’re tired work hard because what you put in is what you’ll get and
your work will always speak for you,” said Lindsey.
Futuristically, the third year for Lindsey here at Jones should be just as rewarding
as the past two. “I will continue working hard and putting in the time it takes to be the
best I can be,” said Lindsey.
One key aspect of being successful as a team is to be a good teammate.
“Being a good teammate is an attribute I hold high on my priorities, so I will continue to
do my best at just that,” she said.
Lindsey will continue her academic and athletic career at the University of
Southern Mississippi in the fall of 2023. Her major is elementary education. She plans to

attain her master’s degree there, then head home and settle down as a kindergarten
“Young minds have always held a spot close to my heart. I hope to be not only a
great teacher but someone who leaves a positive impact on a kid’s life,” said Lindsey.
As she is preparing for the next step in her softball career, she is looking forward
to meeting new friends and getting to play softball for a little longer.
“I’ve only got two years of ball left and I couldn’t be happier to finish out at
Southern,” she said.
“Jones is a special place to me and I could not be more thankful that they took a
chance on me. I will forever be a Bobcat,” said Lindsey.

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