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Reid proves homeschooling can prepare students for college

According to, there are roughly 5 million students in the U.S. who are currently  educated at home through grade school. The amount of students who are homeschooled has continued to increase drastically since the ‘70s. 

The big question is, does being educated at home drastically help or hurt students as they make their way into college? 

Often, a homeschooled student does much self-teaching through readings or recorded lectures, so a student entering the college atmosphere where independent learning is often required can likely adapt very well to the self-reliance expected. Through video lectures, books, and readings, homeschooled children can receive the same quality education as those who attend public or private schools. 

Wyatt Reid, Freshman Class President at Jones College, was educated at home and said he thinks it’s been beneficial to his start in college.

“My freshman year was during COVID-19, so a lot of my work was online. I feel like my background in home education was actually beneficial in being able to understand a lot of the information that was needed to succeed in class,” said Reid.

Because of COVID-19, the format of college classes in 2020 looked a lot like a homeschool layout with online learning and tests. Reid thinks that as classes transition back to normal, his background in home education will continue to help him succeed. 

Reid participates in many organizations on campus including, SGA, Bobcat Brigade and PTK. He said he had not been held back at all by his family’s education choices. In fact, it seems to be pushing him forward. Reid encourages students to attend Jones College and make it their first choice as they pursue higher education. He said he will never forget the education and relationships he has built at Jones College but points out that it won’t always be easy.

“Don’t get discouraged, don’t let grades define you, and never let anything stop you from reaching your goals,” said Reid. 

No matter a student’s educational background, success is possible if there is a will to reach for it.

by Ashton May

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