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Saints hosts Boycott Bowl

Saints fans from around the nation were furious at the outcome of the NFL Conference Championships on Jan. 20, when the Rams won by three points. Fans were angered when officials blatantly refused to call on a pass interference penalty toward the end of the game, which when called on, would have caused the Saints to eventually win. Because of unfairly losing their place in the Superbowl this Sunday, Saints fans hosted a Boycott Bowl concert in place of the big game. The concert took place on Fulton Street in New Orleans on Feb. 3 from noon until 10 p.m. Tickets were $10 for general admission and $50 for VIP, giving access to lounges and opportunities to meet Saints players.

The performance lineup included New Orleans-based artists such as CHOPPA, The Vettes, Ricky B and many more. After the Boycott Bowl became a social media phenomenon, Facebook fans from New Orleans and all over began to plan the event and eventually raised the money to host it. Not only was there live music, but food from local chefs and drinks made by New Orleans bartenders. All money raised went to the NORD Foundation to coach young players in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

by Meghan Fuller

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