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Students fight midterm and final anxiety

Are you anxious about an upcoming midterm, test, or final? You are not alone! As a college student, some of the most stressful times we experience are midterms and finals week. In fact, in a study conducted by MentalHelp, 89 percent of college students said they were stressed at least two to four times during the semester due to midterms and finals. However, 30 percent of students stated they were stressed almost the entire semester (MentalHelp).

When approaching midterms or finals, it is vital for students to realize that the tests are important, and time management, preparation, and good study habits are the keys to success. However, when students do not manage time wisely or panic about their upcoming tests, things tend to not go the way students wanted them to.

While studying for these tests is vital, it is also imperative that students take care of their minds and bodies. If the feeling of test anxiety is becoming too much to handle, there are tons of ways to de-stress and take a mental health break.

For example, many students will eat a favorite snack, go see a movie, spend time with friends, listen to music, exercise, read a book or even take a trip out of town if they have time in their schedule.

“I like to plan everything out so I can manage my time efficiently,” said Dillion McMullan, Jones College freshman. “This works best for me so I do not get overwhelmed. It works really well for people with busy schedules.”

So, find what study habits work best for you, prepare yourself for your exams, find activities that are good outlets for stress relief and remember to reward yourself for your hard work and effort!

by Caroline Smith

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