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Students have an opportunity in media at Jones

Media is a form of communication and today, it is more widespread than ever. Apart from forms of more personal communication like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, media is a way to gather and share information on a broad spectrum. Information is spread through newspapers, radio, television, magazines or the internet. Media’s role is spreading ideas, beliefs and information across the world.

Here at Jones County Junior College, students have an opportunity to be involved in media and start their education in communication or journalism by being on the newspaper staff. The Radionian has won first place for Junior College Newspaper for 10 years in a row. It includes a news, features, sports, opinions and entertainment section. Even if a student is not planning to pursue a career in media, joining the newspaper staff can be an extremely rewarding experience. It can be used as a reference for one’s future career or educate one on opportunities, sharpen one’s writing skills, help pull up a student’s GPA, improve social skills and help students meet people and get involved with activities on campus.

There are scholarship opportunities available for students who join, and it is a great way to get a feel for the media industry and sharpen communication skills for students who are not only considering a career in media, but also careers like business management, marketing, sales or customer service.

by Kristen Feraci


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