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Students prepare for midterms

The time for fall midterms is approaching, and finals will be here in a couple of short months. It’s time to get serious about hitting the books. For many students, this can be a struggle.

In high school, some students weren’t taught to study in an efficient way, or they never had to. Leaving high school and beginning college is tough because cramming doesn’t work long-term. Students have to learn what study strategies work for them and find time to actually study.

After figuring out how to study and finding the time, it can be hard to find a good place to study. Some students need complete silence to focus while others need some background noise or music to stay occupied. In addition, some students can study while in bed, and some have to go to an academic environment like the library. Other students prefer to grab a book, a hammock, and go lounge by the lake or under a tree.

If students figure out what works for them and they still need help, the student success center offers one on one or small group tutoring as well as skills for critical thinking, and most math classes provide tutoring throughout the week.

by Kristen Feraci


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