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Summer courses can be good for the goal

To most students, summer is a time to sit back and relax after a long semester of classes. They would much rather go to the beach than go back inside a classroom when they do not have to. Many students would not even think about taking courses over summer; however, there are big benefits to doing so.

Those in college can think of taking summer courses as a way of getting ahead. This can give students a lighter load of work once they come back for the fall semester. This means less stress and more time to study for other classes. Not only does it help them during their fall semester, but it can also help students graduate a semester early. Many times, summer courses at Jones County Junior College are half price, and this can save students money on tuition.

If a student is struggling in a class during the fall or spring semester, summer courses can also be a second chance at passing that class. With the stress of all their other classes gone, they can focus more on specific courses. Summer classes can be a student’s redemption in a subject he or she may have previously struggled to grasp.

Many students may think that summer courses interrupt their vacation, but the good outweighs the bad. Summer enrollment gives one a chance to have a semester that is less overwhelming in course load, and it is better suited for many financially. Summer courses are an affordable and practical way of working towards one’s diploma.

by Alysa Herrington


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