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ThredUp, depop trending with fashionable college students

ThredUp and Depop are popular resale and consignment store apps where people can buy used and new clothes for a lower price than for what they were initially sold. Recently for the past couple of years, the trend of resale apps has risen in popularity because of the rising popularity in thrifting environmentally-friendly clothes.

The prices of the clothing are different in both apps. In Thredup, the pricing of the clothing is cheaper, and the company offers a coupon code for use when purchasing the items. Thredup clothing can offer discounts up to 90 percent off, and ThredUp offers $5.99 for flat-rate delivery.

Depop’s pricing tends to vary depending on what the seller is willing to sell the item for. Often, the clothing on Depop tends to be more expensive because people will sell the item for more than it is worth. Depop sellers tend to be small businesses, and the app does not offer coupon codes for discounts at checkout. The shipping costs on Depop can vary though, because it depends on the location of the person who is shipping the item.

The clothing on both apps is remarkably similar but caters to separate groups of people. The clothing from ThredUp caters to people who want basic clothing pieces, but one can find trendy clothing as well. Depop, however, caters more toward the younger generations because of the easy access to cheap, trendy clothing. The common brands found on ThredUp are brands like J. Crew, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, New York and more. Depop offers Nike, Champion, Dr. Martens, and AV. Both apps tend to have clothing for all sizes, but on ThredUp, it is easier to find because they have specialty sizing for maternity, tall, petite, juniors, and plus sizes. Both apps have clothing for women, men and gender-neutral people.

Overall, both apps are good for buying clothing online; the only difference is the shopper’s preference. If a person wants trendy, stylish clothing, then they should go to Depop, and if they want cheap, cute clothes, they can go to ThredUp.

by Erin Fairchild

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