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Useful tips for students taking online classes

Due to COVID-19, Jones College transferred lecture classes to online classes. Students may find online classes a little more challenging compared to lecture classes. However, there are some tips for navigating online classes.

Students can make an organized study area to help them concentrate on their work. This can be a desk at home or anywhere that a student can concentrate on class work. In this study area make sure to have all the materials needed to complete schoolwork such as a computer, books, calculators, paper and pencil.

While working in this study area remember not to use a cellphone much as it can distract from schoolwork. In addition, make sure that the study area is as comfortable to as possible for extended periods of use. However, students should make sure that they set up a few breaks throughout their schoolwork so as not to get bogged down.

Students can make a calendar or a planner for each week to be alerted on any work that is due. Students can look at upcoming due dates on Canvas. Writing down assignments a day or two before they are due due can give students a buffer if they do get behind.

Make sure to check emails and updates on Canvas from any Jones College professor. In addition, if students have any questions regarding their work, they should let their teachers know so that they can get help.

by Bailey MorrisĀ