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Zakyrah Bey navigates the spring semester

The spring semester is finally underway at Jones College, and freshmen could not be any more excited to be back.  Freshman Zakyrah Bey is a criminal justice major and has fully completed her first semester at Jones. Her first semester, like many, had a pretty challenging end with finals week. 

“It was pretty stressful, yet I feel that all my teachers at Jones prepared me for the week. I never once felt that I was clueless as to what was to come next,” Bey said. “I really enjoyed the dogs the students were allowed to interact with to relieve stress. It showed how Jones really cares about their students and administrators.” 

Despite the hectic nature of finals week, Bey managed to persevere through finals week and move into her winter break. Many students went on vacations and fancy trips, but Bey found time to better her connections with her loved ones, all the while eagerly waiting for the spring semester. 

“I enjoyed my winter break a lot. I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while, but surprisingly, I was ready to go back to school, which never happens,” Bey said. “I look forward to seeing all my new friends at Jones so when break was over, I didn’t mind going back to school.”

After ending her first semester on a good note, Bey is even more motivated going into her next semester. Bey is especially thankful to have the full support of her teachers and dedicates much of her success to her instructors. 

“I enjoyed my first year, and Jones really prepared me for the transition from high school to college,” Bey said. “I’m one step closer to starting my major so I’m really excited for that, and I will hopefully prosper again this semester with the supporting and positive teachers and administrators that are always there for me at Jones.”

Jones is lucky to have dedicated students such as Bey who are examples of how students should navigate the college life.

by Michael Blanks